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Big Data
DAM and MAM: Why they are different

DAM and MAM systems many things in common: for example the ability to treat media as objects and not files and the ability to store and search metadata about the media object, but are they really different things and if so, what’s the difference?

Big Data
Get Started With Big Data For Media Operations

Mediasmiths and Granditude have teamed up to provide broadcasters and media companies with a starting point for bringing their media operations into the Big Data era.

Big Data
VIDEO: Proof-of-concept combining Adobe Prelude with VidiXplore

This video shows the our proof-of-concept panel integrating Adobe Prelude with VidiXplore cloud media management

Big Data
The Future Newsroom Part 2: Visualising The Story Timeline

A concept drawing showing how a news topic could be visualised as a timeline showing content published in the past as well as future planned events.

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