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Big Data
The Future Newsroom Part 2: Visualising The Story Timeline

A concept drawing showoing how a news topic could be visualised as a timeline showing content published in the past as well as future planned events.

Big Data
The Future Newsroom Part 1: Why Change Will Never Be This Slow Again

The exponential growth of processing power has led to two macro-level developments that will have a fundamental impact on how news content is produced and consumed: Analytics and Mobile

Big Data
How to build VidiXplore panels for the latest Adobe apps

This blog is part 2 in a series of blogs on how to build panels for Adobe applications that integrate with Vidispine’s SaaS media management tool, VidiXplore.

Big Data
Course – Demystify Video

For everyone who has realised the importance of video to their business, but still finds terminology and concepts confusing Mediasmiths has created an introductory course in video for businesses.

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